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"I would consider myself more of a songwriter and recording artist because I enjoy composing and arranging songs, more than anything else. Bass guitar performance is still my favorite when I play live shows. Some of the instruments I play (some better than others): bass guitar, piano, violin, mandolin, guitar, standard drum kit, and percussion."
-Tracy Monaco

Tracy Monaco

Tracy Monaco is a solo-artist based in Sarasota, Florida who formed Neptune's Daughter in 2007. She began playing the piano and violin at age nine, eventually performing and competing in the local school orchestras and Prince George's County Jr. Orchestra in the Washington, D.C. metro area. In her twenties, she taught herself the bass guitar and went on to join several bands in the D.C. area, including The Passion Flowers. She's performed, written and recorded music under the stage name, Roxy DelMonaco, with Boulder, Colorado based bands Yukon and The G-String Theory. She's also had the privilage of performing with such talented, independent music artists as Laurie Dameron, Matti Ardison, Maxim Velour, Raven Tekwe, and Kristen Starra.



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