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Listen to the debut EP Still Waters, by Sarasota, Florida solo artist Neptune's Daughter, featuring original music that is both relaxing and contemplative. An ambient piano-driven instrumental album, it is entirely composed, arranged, performed, and recorded by Tracy Monaco. It was professionally mixed and mastered by AMA Sound in Europe. Her songs are written in musical keys inspired by Kay Gardner's book Sounding the Inner Landscape: Music as Medicine (Rockport: Element Books Limited, 1990). Musician, songwriter, recording artist, poet... Tracy Monaco is Neptune's Daughter.

Coming Soon!

Neptune's Daughter's next full length album titled, Beautiful Day for Heartache, is an acoustic rock blend of original songs and lyrics, and is scheduled for release in 2017. 
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The entire Still Waters demo (the original version that was mixed and mastered by the artist) is available for free download on the site-wide music player below. Use the fastforward ">>|" or rewind "|<<" buttons to find each song track; click the "Free" button to download. (The purchasable version of Still Waters is the professionally, polished version; mixed and mastered by AMA Sound.)

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